What is ARPO?

ARPO is a new business model for travel agencies and an optimization tool for clients and passengers, who obtain on real time the price fluctuations on airline tickets from the booking date until the departure of the flight. Whenever a new ticket is found, in the same airline, with the same schedule on the same cabin (class) at a lower price than the original ticket (once discounted the management fees and the cancellation cost) it notifies the saving on price, so that the client can benefit from it.

The price of tickets
accordance with the demand.

Price of the flight ticket
Madrid - New York
June 12th

When would you prefer to buy your ticket?

Prices fluctuates so that the airline can optimize their flights.
Now you can use this optimization for your own benefit.

A very complex
sea of
opportunities to
navigate in

The prices for a specific flight can fluctuate daily for the same class, airline, date and schedule, IT ONLY CHANGES WHAT YOU PAY.

These fluctuations are generated by the airlines, which use their own algorithms to measure the variations in the demand and answer with prices adjustments based on activity, date, flight and destination.

“Monitoring prices 24/7 enable us to obtain the best pricing”.

Trappit is the Tool

so that you can always find the cheapest flight

Algorithms developed by Trappit®

All these factors make difficult finding value in the fares, but with the algorithms developed by Trappit ®, all the systems can be simplified in order to provide our clients with the best prices for their needs no matter the date of the purchase.


We have discovered that 30% ticket prices can be reduced, saving a 6% global average of corporate travel expenses.

In such a competitive market

In such a competitive market, with thousands of providers, operators and distributors, more and more companies approach ARPO © searching costs optimization.

New game rules

Our mission has always been helping companies to access a market ruled by big organizations. Three years of development has been needed to make this vision true.

"Our main goal is developing Information Technologies that will become essential in the pursuit of a higher productivity and competiveness.”

Objective Market

Global potential market

Our Team

Trappit® is integrated by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals, well versed in Information Technologies.

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Daniel de Carvajal Aguilar

Pilot of Transport of Airlines, Degree of Aeronautical Management and Technical Engineering in Simulators and his multiple top management jobs in multinational companies give him the experience and background required by Trappit®.

Luis Martín Lázaro

Degree in Law from the Carlos III University of Madrid, MBA from the Instituto de Empresa and LL.M at Georgetown Law School. Luis has an experience around the world as a successful entrepreneur.

Manuel Martínez

Degree in Law from the Autonomous University of Madrid, Diploma in Criminology by the Complutense University and Master in Human Resources by IE. He is currently Director and Member of the Trappit Management Committee, combining with his post as Secretary of the Patronage of the Foundation Commitment and Transparency.

Julián García Asensio

Of military formation, this license as aeronautical specialist with the qualification of aircraft mechanic. His trajectory Professional for more than 25 years, has always been related to the commercial area, with positions of responsibility of management and direction in multinational companies of the world of telecommunications.

Jesús Santana

Degree in Law from the Carlos III University of Madrid. He has worked as an auditor and senior consultant in Arthur Andersen and in Deloitte. The last ten years he has held positions in the Financial Management of different companies in the market.

José Luis Martín

José Luis Martín is an independent and multidisciplinary consultant with more than ten years of experience in Open Source and GNU Linux operating system. Participates actively in the open source community, doing well public part of their work (JDAL) or providing technical support to third parties such as the StackOverflow question and answer web site.

Felicia Pérez

Higher degree of development of web applications and in telecommunications systems. With 10 years of experience in the sector of the technologies of the information.

Rafael López

Graduated in Economics by Complutense University and MBA in Business School, he has developed his entire professional career in big enterprises, performing positions of responsibility in auditing, sales and general services. He is responsible for the new business line that Trappit has recently launched: business travel consultancy.

Alfredo García Hiernaux

BI (business intelligence) advisor, collaborator / adviser for quantitative methods, etc.

IT Team

We have one of the most desired technical teams; eight professionals that are rewriting the rules of the flight tickets sale business.

Our Clients

Shall we start working today?

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